Who we are

We are a boutique security company,
with passion about security and hacking.

ca 1992

The access to Board Bulletin Systems through the arrival of the first modems for computers started to drive our attention to a connected world of computers. X25 Networks and war dialling was among the first things we started to investigate along with some computer viruses. Oh well the old good days!

ca 1994

The year we started to drive our attention to Security and Vulnerability Research around Unix Systems and Internet Protocols along with memory corruption vulnerabilities.

ca 2000

The new Windows 2000 Platform and the growing Internet brought for us the Security Business together as we know it nowadays, with lots of Training, Infrastructure Pen Testing Assessments and Hardening of various OS.

ca 2004

Web Application Assessments started to grow exponentially and our team was able to capitalise this demand for today's market. Meanwhile, our research skills started to shape into our specialised Software Security Assessment and Reverse Engineering division.

ca 2010

Sysca Consulting Ltd took form becoming an independent boutique security company and home of the most talented people around the security industry.

ca 2019

Dark Waves Infosec LTD was born joining forces with the most talented people around the industry and strengthening our Research & Development branch.