What we do

Security Consultancy & Training,
Security Research & Development.

We know that the security industry is about trust and understand that an honest and collaborative approach is vital. Thus, our focus is always to become a trusted security advisor for our client organisation or company.

Penetration Testing

We provide unrivalled Penetration Testing Services; these are also known as Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Assessments or Red Team assessments. With over 20 years in the industry we are a confident team with specialists in various technologies.

Software Vulnerability

Black or Grey box approach, Thanks to the many years spent assessing software security vulnerabilities, we have developed a wide range of tools, methodologies and frameworks that enable us to speed up the learning curve that every bespoke application needs, whether its mobile, tablet or PC.

Associate Contracting

We provide a contracting scheme to many of the best security companies around the globe thanks to our Associate Consulting Services.

Consultancy & Research

Our consultants provide professional Penetration Testing Services, Software Vulnerability Assessments, Security Research, Reverse Engineer and Exploit Development as part of our core-services.